Book Review: A Bite Sized History of France

Ah yes, yet another book review regarding my research on France! Oh boy! Actually, my mother very kindly got me this book while I was recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery, which took much longer that I had thought. She is a thoughtful and wonderful person and I am so glad that she found this book! It was an absolute delight to read and can be read very fast or very slow. The book is structured into small chapters that each contain an anecdote about French cuisine and its’ link to French history. As I haven’t done that much research into the past of France, it was a good primer on French history for a foreigner. It also featured all sorts of regional French cuisine and was a tasty exploration of French food.

This book can be read by readers of all ages and enjoyed by all! It did make me a little hungry every time that I cracked it open but that’s a minor problem and not a bad one to have! It was a joyous celebration of the role of food in the storied past of France while tastefully acknowledging the darker side of French history. One of the things that I thought was well-addressed on a surface level was France’s colonial past and direct role within the North Atlantic Slave trade. This book was also a good debunker of many french myths surrounding their own cuisine and was an all-around good read! I would absolutely recommend this book to all and hope that many more get to enjoy the delights of this particular tome!


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