Book Review: Royal Harlot

This was a good in-between more dense reads for me. One of the many books that I finished last week, I feel that it was more of a palate cleanser than anything else. “Royal Harlot” was a good, fun, and raunchy romp through the world of the Restoration Monarchy in the 17th century. The story is based off the life of Barbara Villiers, the first royal mistress of Charles the Second of England. A surprisingly sympathetic look at one of the most vilified women in English history, I appreciated both the nuance of the story and the incredibly racy sections. I would absolutely not recommend this for children but I did find it a good summer read for fans of historical fiction.

A note about where I got this book: I found this book while perusing the aisles of Beach Town Books in San Clemente, a lovely second-hand bookstore. While I love the scent of a new book, there are so many older books that need a good home and are much cheaper to buy the second time round. I really like the website Thrift Books because of the vast selection but there are an abundance of local second-hand bookstores that need your support! My favorites include Beach Town Books in San Clemente and the Book Escape in Baltimore. It’s also much nicer to your pocketbook in the long run so go and find a second hand bookshop near you!

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